Welcome to Geoff Pointer's Blog

I'm currently up to my neck rejigging my internet presence. My orignal web design was appropriate for my students twelve years ago but it ended up a bit of a mess. My main domain, geoffpointer.com is currently just a global wateringhole so to speak. I've created sub domains for my three main areas: Education, Music, Blog. The latest and most detailed information about what I'm up to these days is on my Education sub domain.

This sub domain will eventually be a place where I'll post general ramblings about life: philosophy, politics, etc. For a while I was using it as a place to experiment with new web designs. That got worse before it got better because I was still trying to hang on to some outdated ideas. I eventually had to come up with a completely new design from scratch. My education sub domain is now using that design. I've now also finished the upgrade to my music sub domain.

A key feature of the new design - which motivated me highly because I was tutoring students who were using smart phones and iPads and all sorts to check out their study resources - is the ability to adapt to a wide variety of different viewing devices.

I'll get around to starting this blog eventually but it's not a very high priority right now. The following links are to my two current working sites.